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  • The title of "Master"

    You must master ones self first. I find a lot of so called "Masters" are just concentrating on the word itself, not the meaning behind it. They figure calling themselves or being called "Mas...
  • The Gorean Home Stone

    Yes it is a stone…However the Home Stone to a free Gorean is much more, it is a symbol of what he or she stands for. A close analogy would be the American flag. A Gorean pledges his l...
  • What is "Gor" or being "Gorean"

    A Short Essay on Gor:>What follows is a combination of my own thoughts as well as excerpts and thoughts of others that I have turned into this writing.  Whereas, I can agree with muc...
  • Mastery

    I was once asked what it is, in my view, which constitutes being a Gorean and a Master, and what does that 'mastery' itself, entail. I'm sure that many folks have their own ideas on the matt...