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  • Feeling in virtuality

    Tal Master, Mistress, Honored resident of Gor, sis, bro.Transmit the feeling in virtuality, by avatar or by video (or in mixe)  is very complex. But sometimes ...  I thinks it's po...
  • The importance to do ... nothing or stupidity

    I thinks than for submissives, or slaves and others, it's important to have little moment. Where we are totaly and definitevly crazy ... I do not knows why; and how each cano be crazy. The ...
  • kolar ceremony

    Kolared ceremony audio capture dialog between barbarian and Master.  
  • Gorean Arts, Music

    Tal Master, Mistress and all members of the resident gorean city; sis and bro.I wanted to share with you a little test this morning in virtuality in a dance / fusion framework. I know, a lot...